Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

I cannot believe it's been almost 2 weeks since Halloween! Time flies!!! We had the best Halloween ever this year. We had several activities to keep us busy. The weekend started off with a costume party at Dane's preschool. We met up with our good friends Bruce & Kari. They have two little girls, Katie (Dane's age) and Anna (Erik's age). Even though the kiddos don't look like they are having fun in this picture, they had a great time :-)
Here is Matt arriving with the boys. Thomas the Train and one cute chicken. The boys were a bit in shock at the party. There was a DJ, dancing and tons of treats. They just stared at everyone for a while. They finally cut loose half way through...after the sugar kicked in.
We carved pumpkins the Saturday before Halloween. Dane's teachers came up with a great activity where the kids had golf tees, a hammer and a pair of pliers. They hammered the golf tees into the pumpkin and then used the pliers to get them out (they did this over and over for fun). We decided to let Dane do the same thing at home, and then we carved the pumpkin. It became our polka-dotted pumpkin. Here they are admiring their handy work.
We try to get together with all the little cousins each Halloween. Here are the boys with Simon (2) and Adele (10 months). Cruz and Rocco were sick and couldn't make it :-( Simon is really into transportation vehicles, so it was no surprise that he went as Thomas as well. He and Adele have such cute smiles!
Here are the boys trick-or-treating at our neighbors house. Dane held a small (ok, maybe more like a medium length) conversation with everyone at the door, while Erik just grabbed the candy and left. Dane is our social bug and Erik is our task-oriented guy. At least for now :-)
Here they are arriving home. They rang the doorbell, and it was so cute to see them standing at the door in costume. I just love them so much!!!!
But this was my favorite part of the night. Dane LOVED answering the door for trick-or-treaters. He would grab the candy dish and RUN to the door. He would yell, "Moooooooom, there are kids at the door!!!!!!!!!!" Then he would wait for me to waddle to the door and open it. Then he would put candy in each kids bag. It was adorable. Like I said before, he is our social bug :-) We hope everyone out there had a great Halloween as well!


Nana said...

"Waddle to the door." Really, Shelly, you are too much! I guess it was very considerate of Dane, but I don't think you're really waddling just yet. You look marvelous... and the boys were adorable! Love you...

Hans-Dieter said...

I want to go back!!! I miss you guys. More videos! More pictures!

boo and stacy arnold said...

SOOO darling!! Is there anything cuter than kids in their halloween costumes? How cute are you Shelly all dressed up? Way to go mom!!! Love the pic of you at the door! You are so pretty!!!

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