Friday, October 29, 2010

All about Erik

The last couple postings have been about Dane, so we decided to dedicate this one to Erik. He is still so smiley and seems to be on the verge of talking. He loves climbing up our stairs and staring at himself in the mirror. He will also offer up kisses as seen below.

He had his first brush with the brick fireplace. Just a little scratch under his chin, but he left the band-aid on.

We went to Dane's Preschool open house and he was showing Erik how to do fabulous art projects. Erik loves watching his older bro. (side note: check out Dane's rooster hair do :-)

We went to Minnehaha Falls with Leslie (Shelly's sister) and her boyfriend Dan. Erik loved climbing on the rocks with his Mama!

As I mentioned, Erik is still really smiley, but the way he smiles only shows his bottom teeth. You might not even know that he has upper teeth, but he does have some pretty big chompers.

What a fabulous GAP between the two front ones!

The other day, I got some nap time with Erik on my chest. I hadn't had the chance to do it in a long time, but he just laid on me and was the best thing ever.

We found an old camera that we don't use anymore and Dane loves to take pictures with it. Talk about a close-up!

This one is fun because you can actually see Erik on the LCD of Dane's camera.
Dane loves to cook with us. When we make soft pretzels, he helps with the kneading of the dough. Erik joined in the last time too. They both seem like naturals.

Showing his little bro the tricks of the trade.
E loves to show off his tongue!


Hans-Dieter said...

Can't wait to see them!!! So soon!

Nicole Svendsen said...

They are precious--You know Siena gets rooster hair too--it's the double cowlick.

Nana said...

Next time Nana and Papa visit, we expect homemade soft pretzels! Adorable pics. Miss you guys sooooo much!

Tootle Family said...

So fun to see them interacting!

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