Monday, November 29, 2010

Camera Clean-Up Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope yours was festive and filling! We got together with the Zitzlsperger clan and had all the cousins together. Here are all 9 turkeys: Dane, Rocco, Maddie, Simon, Robbie, Erik, Cruz, Chelsie and Adele. Baby Huffington's (what Dane calls the baby in my belly) arrival in January will make it an even 10. Unless someone decides to go for another...NOT us :-)
Our first snowstorm of the season! We got the boys bundled up for a quick trip outside. Neither one of them liked it. Boo. Erik was annoyed with his mittens, and Dane said his cheeks were too cold. Then he asked for bandaids for his cheeks, which we gave him, and he stayed out a few minutes longer. Until his bandaids got too cold. Ha! That's seriously what he told us...his bandaids were too cold, so he had to go inside. Side note: you can see the side of our new minivan in this picture. We did it!!! And we love it!!! Let's face it, it's not the coolest car, but it has heated seats and doors that I can open from my key chain while walking to the car. Those are pretty good features in this tundra of a state we live in. Oh yeah, and it has ample room for baby #3. That's pretty important too :-)
I have been frantically trying to get Erik's baby book done before Baby Huffington arrives. While I was working on it the other morning, the boys brought their laptops over and we all "worked." Dane copied CDs and Erik just took the keys off his keyboard. Thanks to Grammy for supplying the extra laptops!!
I had to include this one because of Erik's dark brown eyes. I love them!!
Erik likes to clean with me! He usually just vacuums and helps empty the dishwasher, but he saw me dusting the mantle and wanted to help out. Love it!
I hope the next two pics make you smile. Dane is in LOVE with the show "Imagination Movers," and one of the guys on the show has these things called wobble goggles. They light up and allow him to see through walls and stuff. Anyway, one night, Dane asked me to put on his goggles to pretend they were wobble goggles. Here he is examining his helicopter with his super vision-enhancing goggles. Quirky and adorable :-)
Another shot of the goggles. They were wicked tight, but he wouldn't let me adjust them. I guess he thought I would break them and ruin his play time. I love the entire look of this picture. The crazy hair, the camo sweatshirt, the CDs and the goggles. Gotta love this kid!!

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Hans-Dieter said...

LOVE IT!!!! Keep cleaning the camera!!!

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