Friday, June 29, 2012


Three things about this photo:

1.  Summer rocks because it's pretty much aways popsicle time.  Even if it's 5 o'clock and you're about to go inside for dinner.  Whatevs.  

2.  Erik is seriously eyeing Vivian's treat.

3.  Tripp's shirt was destroyed after this incident.  There wasn't enough oxy clean in the universe to take out all those stains.  A smarter mom would have removed the shirt.  Lesson learned...until the next time I distractedly hand my child something containing pomegranate juice.  Hey, at least we're trying to be healthy.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Nicole Svendsen said...

i agree, whatevs:)

Woods Family said...

I am back I am back I am BACK to the blog world!!! You are SOOOO on it - like everyday there is a post - OK - I AM BACK!!!!! And fascinated by the wednesday thing - YOU ARE SOOO CUTE!

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