Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

 Happy 4th of July, Everyone!!!  

I hope you're out on a boat, with a cocktail in hand, reading this from your iPhone (that somehow works from your that even possible?  Can you tell I don't own a boat?).  

Anyway, my point is, I hope you're having tons of fun with family & friends!!
(And maybe chowing down on a juicy burger hot off the grill.  Ah, the taste of summer.)

And of course, I hope you check out The Pleated Poppy to see what other beautiful women are wearing in their everyday lives.

I wore this out to dinner with a couple girlfriends.  And it was 85 degrees.  But you know how you always freeze in a restaurant when it's hot outside?  So I chose a cardigan just in case the restaurant decided to blast the air.  Turned out it didn't, but I was prepared :-).
Top: Nordstrom BP / Sweater: Old Navy / Skirt: Target / Belt: Target / Shoes: Tory Burch via Nordstrom

I wore this to church and to my father-in-law's surprise birthday party.  I haven't worn a lot of linen, but I loved the lightness of this dress.  Not to mention the cute pattern and the forgiving rope belt.  Yes, please!
Dress: Target / Sunnies: Loft / Shoes: Banana Republic

 I wore this to Dane's final T-ball game.  It was HOT - HOT - HOT outside.  This outfit was built around the cute shoes.  Love 'em!  The necklace was a gift from my beautiful mother-in-law.  I believe she picked it up in Panama.
Top: Gap / Skirt: Old Navy / Shoes: Target

I hope you all have a great week!  See you back here next Wednesday!!

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Mel said...

Happy 4th!!!

Loving your Wednesday posts!! And love your outfits every week...beautiful!

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