Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the Season

We have been busy celebrating the most magical time of year!  It has been really fun watching the boys this year.  Dane is absolutely beside himself every day knowing that Christmas is right around the corner. Erik is super excited just knowing that Dane is super excited :-).  They have both been doing advent calendars and are well aware that THE BIG DAY is less than a week away.  Matt and I are also well aware of that fact because we have tons left to do before Christmas morning!!!  We hope you are done shopping and wrapping, and that you are just sitting back and relaxing until the 25th.

Tripp did really well meeting Santa for the first time.  He didn't flash his double dimples, but he didn't cry either.  A success in our book!

Erik screamed last year, so we were surprised when he was the first one to approach Santa this time around.  He sat in his lap and posed for the picture like a pro!

Dane was on a mission this year.  He wanted to make sure Santa knew what shake n go cars were (he even brought one with him to show Santa...just in case he hadn't seen one before :-).  

D also brought several lists that he had been compiling over the last few months.  He was so precious reading them to Santa.  I just love this picture! 

We attended the Holidazzle parade in downtown Minneapolis.  We staked out a great spot in the skyway, grabbed Starbucks and then just enjoyed the show.  Oh, and we waited in our spot for two hours before the show began.  That's what we get for wanting to watch from inside the skyway :-)

Here is a picture of all the people lined up outside.  I love the thought of watching it outdoors.  Maybe next year??  

Here are two pictures from the parade.  The boys loved it.

We made sugar cookies a couple weeks ago.  I wasn't feeling totally up for the mess, but I'm glad we did it.  Even though we're still finding sprinkles and little balls on the floor, it was worth the memories.  Erik mixed all the frosting colors together to make brown, and Dane dumped TONS of sprinkles on each of his cookies.  We have been enjoying them each day, and I like to have a couple with my morning coffee.  Yes, I will have to detox once the holidays are over.

Here is what I found in our tree the other day.  Dane thought it needed a few more decorations.  Ha!

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season!  We have loved receiving everyone's cards and letters.  Only 6 days to go!!!


Nicole Svendsen said...

I love your Christmas cookies--worth every bit of the big mess for the pictures:) Are you a brunette now? Love your dark hair!!!

Hans-Dieter said...

I can't believe Dane brought his Xmas lists!! I feel bad for the kid in line after him. He or she probably had to wait a whole hour! LOL!!

Pam said...

What gorgeous photos Zitz family!! Love them:) and WOW that parade looks worth the wait!!! Way to get out and make it work with three kiddos!!


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