Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boys in ACTION!

We are a very, very busy household. And by busy, I don't mean over-scheduled. I mean we are running, racing, scooting, sliding, building, climbing, running and did I mention running?? Our boys LOVE to run around the house (in their underwear :-). We once tried to enforce a no-running rule for a number of reasons...mostly because Dane kept running over Erik...but also because they were running into furniture and making tons of noise and just going crazy in general. But our no-running rule lasted for a day and then we just had to let them continue racing around the house. It's just what they love to do! But I digress...

Here are a few recent pics of our active boys. This is Erik trying on some swim goggles (these have been a favorite between the boys...and we don't even swim that much...maybe that's why they love them).

Erik and Tripp go to ECFE every Friday. The LOVE it. This is what Erik does the entire time. He goes over to the counter and pushes cars, trucks and tractors around. He still loves cars and anything with wheels.
Sporting his Movember nutella mustache. He looks like this EVERY DAY. He requests nutella & jelly toast for lunch every day and ends up with some variation of this look.
Erik's parking ramp :-)
Dane has started playing hockey! And he likes it! He didn't care for soccer last summer, so we weren't sure how it would go, but he's loving it so far. The goal is to have fun and learn to skate, so they do lots of fun drills on the ice. They don't even use sticks yet because they need to learn to skate without using the stick for support. But here he is posing for a shot - stick and all :-)
On the ice (yellow helmet).
Tripp is such a big 10 month old. Well, not in size but in action. He seriously tries to hang with the bigger boys. If they are running, he will crawl right into their running path so they have to go around him. Or if they are wrestling, he will crawl right onto their legs or backs. It's funny. We keep saying he's the perfect 3rd born because he doesn't wait for an invitation to be included...he just includes himself :-). We love him so much. He eats peas, carrots and green beans from the can. He loves all baby food and he loves puffs and mum mums.
Look at his chubby tummy hanging over his pants. Oh, and his cute smiling eyes!
We still take pics of Tripp every month. This last month didn't go so well. He was tired and teething, but we tried anyway. Dane tried to help too :-)
Here are the boys decorating our new pre-lit Christmas tree. The decorating process went so much faster this year because it was pre-lit. We all loved it!!!

We're looking forward to a season filled with gingerbread houses, cookies, lights, Santa, elf on the shelf, snow and of course, Jesus!!!


Nicole Svendsen said...

shell, love your busy household. Maybe Sawyer can join you one summer? What's one more right? Can't believe Dane is skating...nice work big boy!

Hans-Dieter said...

They have changed so much already since I have been there. I want to go back!

Rollin With The Homies said...

Your boys are adorable!

I love that Dane is playing hockey, very impressive that he can skate.

Favorite picture is Dane decorating the tree in his underpants...love it.

Hope you're doing well

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