Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas was a blast this year.  We traveled to Sioux Falls, SD on Dec 21st to meet our new nephew/cousin, Benton.  He is ADORABLE!!!!  Perfect in every way!!  We were able to attend his baptism and get some snuggles in for a couple days.  We returned to Minni on the 23rd to prepare for Christmas (it's a lot of work making it magical for the kids...I now appreciate all my parents did when I was younger!!).

Here is the tree after Santa visited our house.  We had always placed our tree near our front window to see it from the outside of our house, but we moved it into the living room this year and loved it.  We enjoyed it so much more because we could view it from the kitchen too.  

Tripp was the first one up on Christmas morning.  We got some snuggles in before the bigger boys woke up.  My sister, Wendy, was in town for Christmas this year and she woke up early with us.  She wanted to see Dane's reaction when he came downstairs and saw the tree with presents under it.  Matt & I agreed that our favorite part of Christmas was being up in the morning, drinking our coffee and waiting for the boys to wake up (well, Tripp was already awake, but he had no clue what the fuss was about).  Our favorite was hearing Dane & Erik on the monitor.  Dane said, "Erik, it's Christmas morning!  We get to go downstairs and open presents!!"  It was absolutely adorable hearing him whisper that to Erik.  And look what else was adorable - Tripp's smile :-)

Erik loved every present he opened.  Big, little, toy, practical...he was excited for it all.

Dane is obsessed with Disney Cars 2 Shake n' Go cars, so he immediately looked under the tree for anything resembling one of those.  Then he proceeded to shake every present in hopes of discovering something that would shake.  It was hilarious.  For the record, Santa did send him several Shake n' Go cars, and Dane loves them.

I love this picture.  Erik had just ripped off the paper and was throwing it behind him.  Such an action shot!  

Aunt Wendy helping Tripp open his present from Santa.  This is the only picture we got of all 3 boys in their matching PJ's!  I love, love, love them in matching jammies :-). 

We headed to Matt's parents' house for Christmas dinner.  We stayed way past Tripp's bedtime, so he was exhausted and fell asleep on Grandmas shoulder.  He rarely does this anymore, so it was a treat!  

We hope everyone had a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We have some fun New Year's Eve pics that we will post soon.  


Nicole Svendsen said...

Tripp is fully going to keep those baby blues--I LOVE IT. And I love the matching jammies for the boys. I can picture you two at your table sipping coffee:) Merry Christmas.

Cathy Bolander said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

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