Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nice to Meet You!

Big D and Little C met for the first time today.
Looks like they'll be life-long friends.

"I could get used to this kid."

Dane giving Cruz some loves.

"Wake up Cruz...Pay attention. This is the proper form for hand sucking, not thumb sucking, hand sucking."

Cruz flashing some gang signs of his own.
Mom insists they're "Jazz Hands."

A little morning snooze. Cruz has quite a bit of hair.

Somebody help me!!!

As we left, Cruz was getting a check up from the pediatrician.
He was much more comfortable wrapped up like a Chipotle Burrito.

What an adorable family!

1 comment:

boo arnold said...

YEA!! Cousins are the BEST:)) So fun that they are both boys!! Dane is soo handsome!!!

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