Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We just returned from a fantastic trip to Denver. I spent ~4 days out there by myself indulging in some girl time with Lindsay. Then Matt & Dane flew out and we went to the mountains and visited the Rillos's. Here are some pics from the trip!

Dane showing Lindsay his finger sucking "I Love You" sign.

Matt & Dane outside of Mike & Lindsay's mountain cabin. Notice how Matt's looking at me but Dane is flirting with Lindsay.
New grill, new baby, the guys couldn't resist :-)

Passing over the bridge at the Silverthorne outlet mall. This was Dane's first time in a big kid stroller so we had to snap a picture...

Spending some time with his Godparents at the Breckenridge brewery. We loaded up on nachos...Dane loaded up on milk.

In fact, Dane loaded up on so much milk that he spit out most of it. Mike & Lins held him over the bridge as he spit...all 3 of them laughed as it landed in the river :-)

Cute pic of father and son.

Joey giving Dane some love!

Girls shot at the Rillos house.

Dads with their babies.


Team Rillos said...

Great pics. I can't wait til our next reunion. The babies will be all over the place by then.
: )

Nicole Svendsen said...

How Fun!!! Wish we were there! A reunion is in order!

Tootle Family said...

Those pics are awesome. What camera do you use, and who is the photographer in the group?!

boo arnold said...

ohhhh so precious!!!

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