Saturday, August 4, 2007

And Then There Were Three...

Today was a big day. Dane's 4th and only younger cousin was born. Cruz Joshua Tousignant was born today at 6:39 pm, tipping the scales at 7 pounds 1.6 ounces. Cruz, Mom and Dad are doing really well!!! Dane was sleeping when Cruz was born, so Big D hasn't had the pleasure of meeting Cruz, but we are going to visit tomorrow. Here are a few pics...

Cruz has crazy long fingers!!!

Cruz waking up from a quick nap!!!

Cruz "Cocoon" Tousignant

Hi. I'm Cruz...Who are you?

Hmmmm...I'm not so sure about this place!!!

I am Cruz! Hear me ROAR!

Smile for the Paparazzi!!

I am soooooo cool!

Can someone help me find my Mom and Dad!

Hi Auntie Krissy!!

Mommy with her new Love!

Cruz started to get hungry and let everyone know it.

This was Cruz's second time eating...EVER!!!

Ladies...Ladies...Ladies...Let the boy eat in peace!

Uncle Joe being...Well, Uncle Joe!!!

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