Sunday, June 9, 2013

Preschool End-of-Year Program

Erik & Tripp celebrated the end of preschool with a little program a couple of weeks ago!
They were both called on stage to accept certificates of achievement and memory books.
And then Erik got to participate in a little performance/concert.  It was so adorable!!!

For the first part of the program, the 2-year olds got to walk to the front of the stage and accept their certificates as their names were called out.  Some of the 2-year olds walked themselves, but since Tripp is a monkey and escape artist, I carried him :-).

Here he is accepting his certificate from his teacher.  

 Next, all the 3 & 4-year olds walked onstage to perform a few songs.
This is pretty much what Erik looked like throughout the performance.  Adorable but quiet.  Ha!  

 He did get into one song toward the end of the performance :-).
I think it was 'Slippery Fish.'

 Here he is accepting his goodies from his awesome teacher.  So proud!

 Erik and his teacher!

 Grandma & Grandpa came too!  
They were so great to stay while ALL the preschoolers were called up for their certificates.  

A quick family shot at the end of the program.

Finally, we celebrated with a parking lot picnic! 
It was a beautiful day and daddy got to play hookie for a few hours.  
Dane eventually joined us when he got off the bus. 
It was a great way to say goodbye to preschool for the summer! 

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