Monday, June 24, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Dane graduated from Kindergarten on June 4th!

His "graduation" was really cute.  Four classes graduated at a time, so each class lined up in front of an assigned section of bleachers.  

The kids marched in wearing tie-dyed t-shirts and paper graduation hats.
This is the look Dane gave us after he spotted us :-)

The kids sang 5 songs.  Dane was a little apprehensive about singing in front of people.
In the car on the way to graduation, he asked us if we would still be proud of him if he didn't sing.  How cute is that?  
But he sang really well and did all the hand motions too.  It was adorable.

Haha....another wink to let us know he was doing A-ok,

Here he is after receiving his diploma.  He was the only kid in class who inspected his.  
He stared at it for a good minute or two....everyone else just put theirs on the ground.  

Dane with his teacher!  We had an amazing kindergarten experience because of this woman.  
She was so great with Dane and communicating with us.  We'll definitely miss her next year!

Dane with one of his besties :-)

I snapped this pic right before the graduation.  
Each kid (or parent) had to make one of these paper people at the beginning of the year.  
Dane requested Iron Man, of course.  When I asked him to pose under his little person, he immediately stuck out his repulser rays.  Hee hee.  Love him.

Here's to the Class of 2025!!
We love you, D!!!

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