Monday, June 3, 2013

A Birthday Party!

Mr. Erik had his 4th birthday party last weekend!
And based on the weather forecast, it should not have taken place outside like planned.
But God came through with beautiful weather!!!
The party started at 11am, and we watched the clouds roll in right around 1pm.
Perfect timing!!!

Erik invited his family and two friends to the party.  
This is Erik welcoming his first friend!  He's just a little excited :-).

He looks so big here.  Waiting patiently for mom to find the candles :-).

This picture makes Matt & me smile because it's SO Erik.  He shows his excitement with body language - he makes cute faces, claps and sort of shakes when he gets excited - so this is classic!

We had such a difficult time keeping his candles lit.  Uncle Josh finally took over and managed to keep them lit while we sang.  But I'm pretty sure the wind blew 3 out of 4 out.  
Oh well, E didn't seem to mind! 

This is another classic Erik picture....trying hard to keep his fingers clean.  He can't stand dirty/sticky hands!

Cousin Benton enjoying the cake!

Tripp confused fiesta with siesta :-)

This is what happens when you interrupt cupcake time for a picture.  

Working hard to open presents.  Isn't the concentration on their faces adorable??

Cutie, cutie.

Ash and I snapped a rare pic together!  We matched too!

Another rare picture!  Left to right: Teri, Ashley, Benton, me, Jodie

The birthday boy!
(don't worry, I bought him some chapstick :-).

Papa, Nana & Pepper came for the party too!!!  
They drove over 8 hours for a quick, 2.5 day trip.  We were so blessed by their visit!!!

A pic of Papa & Nana with their Minnesota grandkids!  
As you can see, it was quite challenging keeping the boys still.  We even let Tripp keep his mag-lite...still wouldn't sit still or look at the camera.  Oh well, capturing the moment is what counts!

We had such a fun weekend!  We are truly blessed to have lots of loving family & friends.  Our cup runneth over!!!  

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Mel said...

Happy Birthday Erik!!! Hope he had a super day!

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