Sunday, May 5, 2013


We can finally play outside again!!!  And the boys are loving it!
After months of being cooped up inside, it's like they can feel the freedom on their skin.  
Finally, they can run as fast as their little feet will carry them.
They can laugh and scream without being told to quiet down.
And their mama can chase them without fear of tripping on a chair or slipping on a rug.  

Ah, the good life.

Erik's pants kept sliding down, so he'd pull them up every 5 strides.  He's such a tiny guy!

Letting mom catch her breath.

Spinning never gets old.  Check out his cute smile :-).

Awww...stopping for a quick hug.  

Running so fast his neck is straining.  Ha!!!

Great smile.  Great dimples.  He's having a blast.

And love, love, love that hair flop!!!

Only 19 months apart.  

I could eat 'em up!

I'm so thankful Matt brought his camera out this day.  We really were having so much fun just running and chasing each other.  One of those moments where you forget the 'To Do' list and just have fun!!!

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