Sunday, March 3, 2013

Life Lately

Lately, something has become pretty consistent in our lives.


We have been hammered by it this year, and we're not complaining (I used to complain...a lot...but I'm better now :).  

The boys have been enjoying it more too. They used to complain about the gear and the cold (the apple doesn't fall too far...), but Dane and Erik have gotten a lot more tolerant. And it's made our winter more fun!

Here's Erik practicing his slapshot on our neighbor's pond.  

Here is Tripp watching Erik's slapshot....oh wait...not so much :).

Here's Dane trying to impress Sofia with his vertical. 

Erik trudging through the snow.

See, he really does like it!!

Matt and I even had a date night that included snow.  Wha???  You read that right.  Our friend (and party planner extraordinaire), Kendra, set up a Couples' Tubing night.  It was awesome!!  Seriously so fun and a great way to spend time together doing something different.

I hope you're enjoying some snow too!  Unless you live in Florida or something like that...that would be weird :).  

1 comment:

Mel said...

OH my gosh, what a fun date night!! I never thought about that but how fun would that be!! Oh I love snow tubing.

PS your boys are so great and just the cuteset!!

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