Sunday, February 17, 2013

Visitors {Part 1}

We had a couple fun visitors last Fall, and I just went through the pics and wanted to share some. 

First, Hans flew in from sunny LA.  He has been visiting every Fall since we moved to Minnesota.  Check out his first visit here.  Matt and I think he's crazy to vacation in MN (in a house with 3 loud & energetic boys), but apparently it's a nice change of pace for him.   He has a very, VERY busy job and spends most of his days either attached to his blackberry or schmoozing with celebs.  
While visiting us, he gets to semi-unplug for a few days and see how we middle-Americans live :).  
We absolutely love his visits and treasure every conversation!

Unfortunately, we didn't get many pics during his visit.  But we took a few at the Mall of America.  
Hans & Matt babysat Tripp while I went on rides with Erik & Dane (lucky me:).

The babysitter.

The toddler.

The riders.

We had a ton of fun hanging with Uncle Hans.  We can't wait to see him next year!!!!

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