Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi Everyone!  

Well, we made it to 2013.  Yee haw!!!

I never stick to "resolutions," but I do have a few goals for myself and my family.  Here goes:

1) Get to sleep earlier (this has been a goal my entire life...just throwing that out there)
2)  Help my kids become more independent (I am tired of doing everything for them!!  I actually said that to Dane today, and he came back with, "You don't do everything for me.  I put on my own socks now."  Hahahahaha.
3) Live an emptier, fuller life (from the book "One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp...I am on chapter 2 but already inspired).

What are your goals/resolutions??  

Even if we don't stick to our goals, it's nice to re-evaluate ourselves year after year.  
A chance to try and be our best selves...again.  

Speaking of best selves, 2012 was huge for me in the fashion/personal style department.  I tried.  I went shopping.  I wore skirts.  I got dressed.  I grew out healthier, darker hair.  I wore make-up.  I know it doesn't really matter.  Our outward appearance.  And I am no fashionista.  But, as a busy mom, it felt good to remember that I can look beautiful.  Yes, it's extra work, but I needed to feel beautiful after having my 3 babies.  Inside & out.  

Thank you to all the fashion bloggers out there who have inspired me!!  
And thank you to all the readers who have encouraged me!!
Now onto my latest outfits...

I wore this on New Year's Eve.  I broke out my leather pants because they were not okay sitting in my closet on NYE!!!
Shirt & Earrings: Hot Mama / Tank & Pants: Nordstrom / Scarf: Gift / Shoes: Target
Bracelet: J. Crew Factory, T&J Designs
 I wore this to church.  I'm thinking skinny jeans would have worked better, but maybe that's because I'm addicted to skinny jeans??
Shirt: Target / Sweater: Local Store / Jeans: Nordstrom BP / Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: Hot Mama
 I wore this to church on Christmas Eve.  The candle light service...our favorite.
Shirt: Vera Wang for Kohl's / Sweater: J. Crew / Skirt, Tights, Shoes: Target
Thanks to everyone who has ever stopped by to read this blog!!!  
Here's to a great 2013!!!
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1 comment:

Missy and Michael said...

You ARE so beautiful, inside and out, Shelly. I love your WIWW posts and think it's wonderful that you've prioritized taking care of yourself to put your best foot* forward as a wife and mama. (*With stylish booties or wedges, of course ;) Here's to another year of looking and feeling great!

P.S. LOVE the pearls with the flannel and sweater. So cute!

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