Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Morning!!!

It takes a lot to make Christmas morning happen!!!  I never realized it as a kid, but a lot of work goes into the "magic" of Christmas.  And even though it's exhausting, seeing the smiles of happiness & wonder on my boys' faces makes it all worth it!!  

Here are Matt and I on Christmas Eve...cheesy!  
But we were excited everything was wrapped up and in its place.

The boys on Christmas morning!!!  

Erik dumping out his stocking.  Very efficient :).

Pure excitement!

The boys wanted old-school paddle ball this year.  And Santa came through :).

Tripp LOVES cars.  It's the wheels.  He played with these two for a long time.

Dream lights!!!

Spiderman toys!!!

Chubby little fingers.  Does it get any better?

Second year of reindeer pancakes.  Thank you pinterest.

Santa left mustaches for the boys.  What a fun Santa.  

We hope you had a joyous and magical Christmas too!!!


Mel said...

Love the picture of you and Matt...beautiful tree!!!

The boys look so happy in their matching jammies and just the way they should on Christmas morning...priceless!

Also, LOVE the reindeer pancakes...LOVE THEM!!

Missy and Michael said...

Christmas is always better with mustaches!! So funny!! What a beautiful morning with your beautiful kiddos. Great photos! And the reindeer pancakes rock!

Becca Groves said...

This looks so lovely. I, too, am amazed at how much work goes into being 'the magic maker' ...I sort of knew, but until you are the one wrapping presents until the wee hours, I don't think we ever have a clue how much our own mom's pulled off for us!

Gorgeous pics, beautiful family. So fun.

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