Thursday, January 17, 2013


Our littlest munchkin, Tripp, turned two last week!!!  
We had such a fun time celebrating him!!!

Lately, Tripp walks, eats and sleeps with either a Thomas train or a Lightning McQueen car in his hand.  And since this family's last 3 birthday parties have featured Mr. McQueen, we decided to go with Thomas.  
And Tripp loved it!
Trains are a bit hit in this house, so his two older brothers liked it too :).

At 2 years old, Tripp:
 is talkative
loves to do everything his older brothers do
sleeps with lots of toys, 2 blankets, a stuffed puppy and his dream light
doesn't like sitting at the kitchen table to eat
lays on the floor to watch train and car wheels as they spin
loves to lay on our shoulders and rock before nap & bed time
kisses us with a full on head butt (be ready or it hurts!)
says "yeah" with a huge smile when we understand what he wants
likes making us coffee in the morning (in our Keurig)
loves tv and asks to watch "a hoe" (show) too often
has the softest skin in the universe
seems much older than two

We have been blessed beyond measure with this little man.  
He is a joy and a light in our lives!

Here are a few pics from our party...


Mel said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Tripp!

He is quite the handsome little guy and looks so big now.

Hope he had a special day!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

Great pictures - I really love the two in front of the window :)

Missy and Michael said...

I'm super belated, but nonetheless: Happy 2nd Birthday Trippy!! Such a sweet boy with irresistible dimples and a heart of gold. Looks like you had a great time celebrating him!!

Gina Woods said...

He's YOU - He's YOU - He's YOU!!!!

Ohh the 2 in blue balloons!!! Love your photographer husband!

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