Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

Our New Year's Eve was filled with great friends, good food, interrupted conversations (what's new :), dance parties and lots of laughs.  Oh, and an impromptu laser light show.
Yep, it was the perfect end to a fun and crazy year!

The Mlakar's came over and we had the grill meal, which is pretty much an at-home date's that good.  The kids played and watched Madagascar 3.  Then we toasted to a great and fabulous year around 9pm.  Katelyn and Dane loved the "sparkle juice."  Erik and Tripp did their best to stay festive.  And Kendall slept super well in the pack n play.  
What more could two families ask for?? 

Here's to a great 2013!!!

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Missy and Michael said...

No better way to ring in the new year! Between the delicious food (hello dips!), dear friends, crazy kiddos, dance party, and festive headbands, it was such a fun night! So thankful for another year of friendship!

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