Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

 Hello Lovely People!

We have been snowed in this week!  We've received at least 12 inches of snow.  I'd say more like 14, but I'm not really into math.  It's like a winter wonderland around here, and we've had fun playing outside.  And we'll for sure have a white Christmas, which makes winter so much more bearable (at least, in my opinion :-).

Anyway, here are my outfits for the week!

I wore this to BSF and to a play date at my SIL's house.  
It's like the gazillionth time I've worn my leopard print scarf, but again with the math.  
Cardigan: Local Shop / T-shirt: Nordstrom / Jeans: Target / Scarf: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden

I wore this out to dinner with friends.  It's tough to see, but I have on faux-leather pants with my sweater dress.  
What can I say, I'm a little bit rock star...well, my legs are.
Sweater: Local Shop / Leggings: Nordstrom / Booties: Target

I wore this for a play date with my friend, Nancy.  I found the scarf at Target, and it resembles a J. Crew scarf I've been seeing in the blogger world.  A great look-alike!
Sweater & Scarf: Target / Jeans: Gap / Boots: Steve Madden
Have a great week, Everyone!  Stay safe if you're local and driving on the snow covered streets!
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the domestic fringe said...

That last outfit is my favorite. So fun! Great color on you. You look fabulous in all your outfits.


Bobbie said...

That last outfit is a great color on you! Cant believe you have so much snow!

Chioma said...

oooh i love the first look!

C's Evolution of Style

Jess said...

You look fabulous! Love your style!!

Nancy said...

Well of course you know I love your last look! :) I want you to take me shopping. I love all of your outfits and could use some help!

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