Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi Lovely People!

So, can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?  I just realized that and nearly flipped out.  
Weren't our kids just trick-or-treating???? 

I need to do some reflecting on all that I'm thankful for.  One thing would definitely be a closet full of clothes. And an iPhone to take my perfectly imperfect photos.  And for all you readers who take time out of your day to read my silly little blog.  

I'm thankful for YOU!

Now on to some outfits...I wore this to BSF and froze my arse off.  It was 17 degrees when I woke up and probably 20 by the time I went out to start my car.  Due to the low temps, I decided socks were a must and changed into boots.  Not as cute, but that's life in MN :-).

Sweater: Target / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Target
I wore this running around town.  I love this shirt.  It's flannel and so warm.  It's Merona from last year, and if I weren't on a spending freeze, I would run to Target and get more!
Sweater: Old Navy / Shirt: Target / Jeans: Gap / Boots: Target
 I wore this twice this week - can you say lazy??  Saturday night when we had friends over for dinner. And then again on Sunday for a family gathering.  I switched out the shoes when it started snowing.
Shirt: CAbi / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom
 I wore this running around town.  Funny story, but I actually broke my spending freeze for this scarf.  I had seen it, and passed it over, twice at Target.  I knew I shouldn't get it.  But on that particular day, I was freezing when I walked into the store and I grabbed it and bought it.  I wore it and loved it.  Until (did you know there'd be an until?) I woke up the next morning with a crazy rash all over my neck.  And now it's spread to my jawline.  And it itches LIKE CRAZY.  So...I will be passing this scarf on to someone with less-sensitive skin.  Darn.  
I knew I shouldn't have broken my spending freeze!!  Karma!!
Shirt: Gap / Jeans: Nordstrom BP / Scarf: Target / Shoes: Uggs
 It's the perfect color for Fall....and the perfect cozy knit.  So sad :-(

Have a great week everyone!  I hope you get to reflect on all you're thankful for!!
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Katie said...

I know! times is going really fast!! I love all your outfits - especially the striped shirt! you are beautiful!

Bobbie said...

That is beautiful color green with the green cardi- looks so fresh and so fall at same time!! So sad about the scarf... maybe wash it and see if that helps.... (never know what perfume or something might have been on it) and I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving. Cant. Believe!

Jordan said...

Ahh, I love all of these outfits!
I love those pants, and that first sweater looks super cute and warm.
I've been working on pairing a patterned shirt with a cardigan, and you did it super cute. With the green and the plaid, love it!
Found ya via the link up over at the Pleated Poppy :)
Your newest follower

Mel said...

Cute, cute, cute! And really love your hair in each are even creative with your hair!!

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