Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Festivities {Part 1}

We have been surrounded by, and enjoying, Fall for a couple of months now.  But I have yet to post about it's spectacular abundance of activities (including halloween...eek).  So this post is the beginning of a series - all about our Fall activities.  I have no idea how many posts will be in this series because I can barely remember last weekend, but I have committed to going through pictures and posting at least one Fall-related post a week.  So here goes...

We played in the leaves!  

We spent lots of time in the swing.  Our back yard is infested with bugs during the summer, so this is the best time of year for swinging.  Check out Tripp's smile...and the goes everywhere with us :-).


This is not Fall related, but Matt snapped this pic while we were playing in the leaves.  
(We were giving each other Eskimo kisses.)  
Everyone says Erik looks like Matt, but there's no denying the chin.  He got that from me.  And his great-Grandma Agnes Risch.  Isn't it fun seeing the genes passed down?  LOVE.

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