Monday, September 17, 2012

Illinois {Part 2}

Well, it's been a month since I posted Part 1 of our Illinois trip, so I thought it was about time to post Part 2!

This car passed us during our drive.  Please.  Like we would let a Prius pass the Odyssey.  
I mean, come on.  
Even if it did have a sweet Chinese phrase on its wasn't getting by the mini van :-).

We discovered the BEST place to stop and recharge was Starbucks.  This was a given for Matt and I, but it turned out our kids were bananas for "smoothies with whip cream."  

Now we know.  
(Thank you to Starbucks for accommodating our loud and stir-crazy crew.) 

We visited Papa at the Challenge Course.  The boys loved it.  They wanted to climb everything.  
(Patience boys, patience.  You'll get enough of this stuff your first year at USAFA.  Hee hee.) 

We visited Steak n Shake!  We've done this every year, and it's one of our favorites.  The food is greasy, and it's completely acceptable to order a milk shake as your drink.  

Matt and I were shocked at how well the boys did at the restaurant.  We kept looking at each other...wondering what had gotten into our kids.  

It was, hands down, the best dining out experience we've had.  

Popsicles with Papa!

Papa taught Dane to play War, and it was a huge hit.  However, Erik felt left out, so Nana taught him to play "Colors and Numbers."  It was the cutest!  
He loved it and had the best time playing with Nana!

Finally, here's a cheesy pic of Matt and I at the park.  Too cool for school.

We had a blast and can't wait to go back!!  Until next summer...

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