Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quite a Lady

Hello from New Carlisle, IN! 
(The town is part of Michiana, if you're cool and like to throw around that term.  We do.)

 Last week, we hopped in the car for our annual visit to Papa & Nana's house in Illinois.  On the way there, we swung through Indiana to visit my Grandmother, Ethel.  

She was extremely hospitable to us and our let's-grab-everything-in-sight-and-fight-over-it boys (by the way, the boys fought over things like my Grandma's bingo chips, hair brush, and grabber thingy...really cool things that they had to have).  

But I digress...she is 89 years young and just a gem.  She has a wonderful, positive outlook on life and loves to talk about how blessed she has been.  For instance, she can't walk anymore, but instead of grumbling about it, she said "Well, I was lucky enough to walk for 88 years, so I really can't complain."  Wow.  And she's President of the Resident Association at her nursing home.  Instead of just sitting around, she figured she'd do something while there.  So she speaks up on the resident's behalf.  And she's made a few changes - mailboxes closer to the rooms, better bingo prizes and tastier cafeteria food.  

She's quite a lady.  

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