Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm feeling very grateful today.  For many big reasons, of course, but today I'm feeling grateful for some little things...

1.  We had a fun play date this morning with some old friends.  My boys did not behave well, and yes, I was a bit embarrassed by their screams and kicks, but my friend didn't care.  She has two little girls and just said, "Hey, if yours weren't fussing, then mine would be."  I'm grateful for friends that get it and don't judge.

2.  I'm sitting outside right now typing away on my laptop.  My boys are all having quiet time AT THE SAME TIME.  But not only that, they are actually letting me have some peace and quiet.  No one is coming out of their room, or yelling down the stairs that "I have to pee!  Is that okay?"  (Of course it's okay, and you don't have to announce it.  Especially if you are going to YELL while the other two are trying to sleep.  Geez).  So today, I'm grateful that I am outside, enjoying the late summer sun, and actually able to think.

3.  I just painted my toe nails a light pink, and the color is called "Italian Love Affair."  Well if that doesn't make a person go to a happy place, I don't know what would.  I'm grateful for those marketing geniuses over at OPI that can conjure up a name that makes you feel like you're fancier (and more Italian) than you really are.

4.  Matt just called me to say he is coming home early today.  Woot woot!!  But not only that, he has offered to swing by Costco on his way home to pick up some groceries and some margaritas.  I'm grateful for my hubby who always helps A TON and who buys margaritas in the middle of the day.

5.  We switched pre-schools.  We decided that something smaller and more personal was the way to go.  Not that our old pre-school was bad, but it just didn't feel right this year.  I was feeling torn a little bit...like maybe our old one would have been okay.  But then we got this post card in the mail today and it all of a sudden seems like the perfect decision.  I'm grateful for personal touches and caring teachers.

We're all grateful for little things, but today, I hope you get some time to sit back and reflect on what a few of them are. Happy Tuesday!!!


Missy and Michael said...

Love, love, love this post. It's so true that the simplest things can sometimes leave our hearts especially full of gratitude. Lots to be thankful for - including the little nudge you gave me today to focus on the blessings everywhere I turn. Thank you, lovely friend :)

Nicole Svendsen said...

such a cute little letter from his teacher...we'll have to chat soon about Erik's new pre-school!!

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