Friday, June 15, 2012

Instagram Road Trip

Sometimes it seems the iPhone captures the true essence of a trip.  All those memories that just happened.  The ones that weren't "planned."  You know?  Anyway, here are some quick snapshots from our road trip through South Dakota.  

Dane & Grammy trying out a covered wagon at Wall Drug.

The crew at Wall Drug.

Hot tubbin' at the hotel.

Room service Tripp Taylor style :-)

Sunset from the front seat of the minivan. Can you see it through our bug-splattered windshield??

He had to resort to entertaining himself.


Christ Is My Passion said...

Jerry from blog class! wow! YOu have such a beautiful family! You must be so very proud! Look like y'all had a fun trip! There's nothing like having a fun vacation! Have you ever been to Blue Fin Bay? Now that's a nice and peaceful and fun vacation as well!

Feel free to check out my blog:

PS. Hope your husband had a great Father's Day!

Rachel S said...

You have a beautiful family! Congratulation!

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