Monday, December 13, 2010

Camera Clean-Up Part 2

I found some more pictures that I wanted to post. Some of them are from September, so if Erik looks little or if I don't look very pregnant, it's because the pictures are old :-) We just have soooooo many photos that we haven't had the chance to go through. But we are catching up! To start things is our little climber on top of the train table. As you can see, the boys use it for toy storage more than for trains. And lately, Erik has taken to climbing on EVERYTHING. He climbs on every chair and table he can find, and he even pushes chairs around the kitchen to reach certain items or open certain drawers. It's cute but dangerous :-)

This pic was taken back when there were leaves on the trees! I love the lighting in the picture, and of course, I LOVE the open mouth kiss!
This picture was taken the day after Dane took a MAJOR spill on the ice. He was skating with Matt and face planted. Matt thought Dane may have broken his nose (that's how hard he fell), but luckily he walked away with only a fat lip. We decided not to skate anymore until we invested in a hockey helmet with face mask. This adorable face needs to be protected!
I'm posting this picture because I actually like the way I look in it. HA!!! I was 26 weeks pregnant and love the dress and lighting. I am now 34 weeks pregnant, which is probably why I like this picture. I am HUGE now and would rather not post any pictures in my current state :-)
I am frantically trying to get Erik's baby book done before January, and because I have been working on it so much, Dane has taken an interest in his baby book. It's adorable watching him go through it and hearing him ask questions about "when he was a baby." Photo books take a lot of time and energy, but I'm so glad I have the option to make them (since I am not into scrapbooking).
Lindsay came to visit in October!!! We had a girls' weekend and spent time shopping, eating and going to the movies. She also got to spend some time with Dane and Erik. It was such a great weekend, and I'm very thankful we had the opportunity to spend time together before our babies are born (my c-section is scheduled for Jan 13th and hers is scheduled for the 14th :-). I can't wait to call her from my hospital bed. It will be such a neat experience to have kids one day apart!
I love this picture of Dane! Grammy gave him TWO old guitar hero guitars, and he loves playing them (or pretending to play them, since we don't have guitar hero :-). He is still very into music. The drums and guitar are his current favorites. I don't think we've ever posted a picture of it, but his Papa & Nana gave him a real drum set for his 3rd birthday. He plays it every day and can even do a drum roll. We'll have to get a picture or video of that soon.
Unlce Hans came to visit us in November! It was so much fun having him in town. He was the easiest house guest in the world. He played with the boys and was content just hanging out. He was even willing to watch House Hunters and Divine Design :-) Here are a couple cute pics of him with Erik and Dane. Oh, and he's the reason Dane can do a drum roll!


Tootle Family said...

You are one gorgeous mama!!! Love your pictures of the kiddos!

Sauter said...

Oh my gosh Shelly - you are a beautiful pregnant Mama!! I had forgotten about this blog and had so much fun looking through it. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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