Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of Pre-School

Yay!!!! Pre-school has started for Dane! He was pretty chill about the whole "first day" thing. Matt and I were MUCH more excited and kept telling him how awesome he was going to do and how he'd meet all kinds of friends. He just took it in stride and was like, "What's the big deal?" It was hilarious. Here he is posing for his first day of school photo...we had to use reverse psychology to get him to smile, but it worked. Cheese!

This is blue steel for sure. Not sure why he turned and made this face, but we are thrilled he did. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!!!
Erik was beside himself that Dane was leaving for the morning. Uh, not really. He was just mad that Dane had his arm around him. Dane has a tendency to encroach on Erik's space, and lately, Erik has been letting Dane know when it's too much. I guess it was too much :-)
Dane's teachers asked us to bring in a recent family photo, and we didn't have one! So we took one this morning and it actually turned out okay. Three blondes and a brunette.
We were told to show up with a BIG backpack, and Dane picked out this red one. He seems to be liking red lately, which is a nice change from pink & purple :-)
Here is Erik practicing for next year's school photo. Keep working on it'll soon master blue steel too.
Walking into school...
Another shot of the ginormous pack.
Here we go!
And this is at pick up time! He ran out and bee-lined for dad. Mom who??
Oh wait, he did come back for a quick shot with his proud mama.
But THIS is a cute picture. Two amazing smiles!! We hope you have a great year, Dane!!!


Cathy Bolander said...

Congrats on a good day Dane. I LOVE the photo of you with your sunglasses, pretty hair & proud belly with your preschooler.

Carrie said...

Love all of these! What a fun time. You are all gorgeous, and it looks so beautiful there!

Nana said...

Gosh it seems like yesterday that we were THERE for Dane's first preschool orientation! How time flies... Thanks for putting the family photo up. Now I can copy it and print it to have a current one in a frame!!! Miss you all... Loves!

Hans-Dieter said...

Love it. Soon the bag will be small on him.

Woods Family said...

This post was fantastic! He is such a big boy! Erik is growing up so quickly too! You and Matt look amazing - and I agree with Carrie - it looks so pretty there!

boo and stacy arnold said...

Hot mama at preschool!!! Go Dane!! He's going to love preschool! Time is a flyin'!!!

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