Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July - Part 2

Finally, part 2!! While up in Ely, we attended a 4th of July festival/parade. Dane participated in an event where he dug for quarters in saw dust. He found one quarter and then stopped because he was all dirty. The saw dust was wet from a morning rain storm and got in his crocs...wah!!
Two tired mamas enjoying a day in the sun!
The parade was AWESOME. It was just right for young kids....nothing too big or crazy with tons of candy and fun prizes. Dane came home with new sunglasses and a brown bag full of candy. He didn't know what to do with all the goodies. Here he is inspecting a never-before-seen Now & Later. Yes, mom has been holding out on you Dane :-)
Erik loved the parade as well. Ha!!! Can you tell he is beyond tired at this point?
There were fire trucks and police cars at the end of the parade. Dane detests super loud noises, so he plugged his ears the entire time. And, at one point, he even ran into a random backyard to escape the noise. Luckily, we were watching at THE moment he ran into the backyard, or we would have freaked out not knowing where he had gone.
This is random, but there was a "Lawn Chair Drill Team" that rocked the crowd. Gotta love small towns...and homemade tie-dye!


Cathy Bolander said...

It's not just small towns. I live in big town & our drill team did some crazy routines to include blow up beach flotation devices. HA! Cute pics.

Hans-Dieter said...

Do we get a Part 3?!?!?!?! :)

Hans-Dieter said...
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Hans-Dieter said...

Btw... they need that quarter game for adults. I dont care how dirty it is... Id dive in.

Nana said...

Arcola, IL - a very small town about 20 miles east of us - has a lawn mower drill team. The guys wear boxers and bemudas and crazy socks and goofy hats as uniforms and push silly decorated lawn mowers with precision moves. They were invited to be in the last inaugural parade and wore top hats and earmuffs for the occasion in Washington DC!!!

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