Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's been a while...

...but we're back! We've been taking tons of pictures this summer, but we have not been good at posting them. It's been busy, to say the least! Does anyone else out there think it's crazy that it's the end of August already??

Erik is 3 months old today and is just growing and learning new things every day. He likes his play mat, going on walks, his bumbo, facing forward in the Bjorn (first time was yesterday!) and watching tv. Yes, I know tv is not good for kids under 2, but Dane has to get his Diego fix everyday...and can I help it if Erik squirms his little body around until he can see it too? His eyes seem to change with the light, but at the moment, they are a greenish gray. He has started spitting up a lot recently, so bibs have quickly become a diaper bag must-have. Here are some pics from last weekend.

And here are some pics from roughly a month ago. Tummy time has gotten a little better since these were taken :-)
This was taken in early July, so it's quite old, but I had to post it. Look at that dimple!Papa Bob came to visit a few weeks ago. He is back from Egypt for good! We are happy he's back in the states - we'll get to see him more!! Dane loved seeing Papa in person (and not via Skype) and quickly asked him to help him "climb trees to get the coconuts." Dane had just watched the Backyardigan characters climb palm trees for the imagination!
Dane has had a busy summer, but I have to say I feel badly that it hasn't been more exciting for him. I definitely feel he got the short end over the past three months. It's tough getting outside and playing with a newborn! We have not been to the park as much as we should have or gone swimming as much as we should have. We've spent tons of time in our front yard...but I still feel like he missed out a little. I'm thankful he likes his CDs and music so much. If being outside playing with balls was still his favorite, we'd be in trouble!

Here is Dane on his "new" motorcycle. It was a gift for his birthday back in March, but he just now started riding it. He calls it his "cool motorcycle." Of course Deedee (his blanket) and his CDs are along for the ride.
Lindsay's parents sent Dane and Erik bibles. They are so with their names engraved in the leather covers. Dane LOVES his. He asks to hold it and pretends to read it. He flips through the pages really quickly and then says "the end." If only it were that easy!
Here are all the Z cousins at Cruz's 2nd birthday party!
Here is Dane playing with his lawn mower. He LOVES to mow the lawn...and the driveway...and the street :-)
Finally, here are Dane, Cruz, Matt and Josh playing in Grandma & Grandpa's pool on the 4th of July. It wasn't the warmest day here, and the boys were shivering from the cold air, but neither of them wanted to get out of the pool. What is it about kids and water and never feeling cold? I wish I was like that!


Hans-Dieter said...

SO worth the wait!! Im more impressed by the height the boys got in the pool. Perhaps a new olympic sport? Synchronized Toddler Toss.

Cathy Bolander said...

Glad you're back. I missed your pictures. Happy 3 Months & I totally get what you mean. When Rick isn't around the boys are stuck in the house or the backyard because I can't handle 3 of them at the park.

Mel said...

Oh you guys...just darling. I loved the pictures of Dane being tossed in the air in the pool. Erik is getting to be such a big boy...I can't believe he is 3 months already...crazy! I still think he looks like his Daddy! :) Hope to see you guys soon...Shelly we should get together during the day soon!

boo and stacy arnold said...

Love the pool boys! Dane looks like he is walking on air, just taking a stroll in mid air.

Looks like a fun bunch of cousins. So neat that they will all grow up enjoying each other in and around the same age.

Didn't think E could get any cuter but he did!

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