Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten on Tuesday -- Double Feature!!!

When Tommy was visiting over Easter, Dane just loved hanging out with him. Tommy let Dane play with his computer and Shelly suggested that he grab his own computer. So Dane grabbed it out of his chest and brought it next to Tommy's and went to work.

I think Dane was having trouble connecting to the internet here.

Dane also has a popper toy that he loves to play with.

We had some great weather last week and Dane wanted to run outside in the yard. He was having so much fun and as you can see he was getting a little hot. We took off his shirt so he could cool down a little.

Our sprinklers started and it was a new experience for Big D. He was cool standing in the middle of the yard until the sprinklers started getting him...then it wasn't so cool. After he got startled, he ran towards Shelly and I, but as he was coming at us, the sprinkler head was continuing to rotate right at him. The closer he got to us, the closer he got to the sprinkler and the more forceful it was hitting him. You can see how unexcited he was about the whole process in the last picture.

And what is the perfect post "sprinkler in your gut" event? That's right, a Popsicle. Dane loved it!

We babysat Simon (Dane's Cousin) while my sister was out of town. Dane loved hanging out with him. Simon isn't crawling just yet and Dane would run in circles around him while listening to his music. You can see D running behind Simon.

Last year, Dane wasn't fond of tunnel slides, but that has all changed over the winter. He is no longer afraid of them.

Dane got his third haircut. This time he was all about helping out.

Looks like Dane is already starting to pick on his younger sibling. That, or he just likes the lumbar support.

Dane was bear crawling on the floor, but had his head on the ground as well. It left a nice little mark on his forehead that looked remarkably like Harry Potter's scar.

He loves sitting in his rocking chair!

We went to South Dakota last weekend to watch Shelly's younger sister Leslie compete in the Howard Wood Dakota Relays. Of course she won with a vault of 13 ft 8 in, breaking the meet record and the stadium record. What a stud, we're crossing our fingers for London in 2012! Way to go Les!

We wanted to get some photos of Shelly through this second pregnancy. We got some during Dane's nap on Sunday. Isn't she an absolutely beautiful pregnant woman?

Only 3 more weeks until we meet baby Deuce. C-section is scheduled for May 27th!!!


Hans-Dieter said...

I love double features!! I would have done anything to witness the sprinkler torture first hand. And I will gladly answer the last question correctly... YES... Pregnant or not, Shelly is a perfect 10.

Tootle Family said...

Your pregnancy is the FASTEST yet! You look fabulous too!

I got ryan's shoes at MJM design (like a DSW shoe store). I'll find out the brand they are for you to find them online.

Pam said...

Ditto to it all. Shelly you are a beautiful pregnant woman. 10+ as is your family.
Love watching the progress of learning and growth.

Carrie said...

Such beautiful pictures, Shell! Can't believe only 3 more weeks!!

Cathy Bolander said...

Wow! Only 3 more weeks. So fast. I love the pole vault photos. Well done. And Shelly you look beautiful. Can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl.

J.J. Killins said...

whoa may 27th!!>!>!>??!?!?! wow fast! you look awesome my friend.

Kari said...

Only 3 more weeks!!! You look beautiful as always :-) I love the computer pics and the sprinkler shots are priceless!!! You can totally see Dane's excitement in those slide pics too! He's so dang cute!

Gail said...

Matt the pictures you take are awesome. What you capture on the camera is breathe taking. Shelly you are so pretty pregnant or not. I love the videos of Dane.

Woods Family said...

Shelly you are SOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!! What a GREAT idea - and I LOVE the sheet! The sprinkler pictures were perfect!

Katie said...

Wow! Only three more weeks! I can't wait to see the picture of the new baby! And yes you look amazing Shelly! Great post Dad!

Nana said...

Shelly is definitely the most beautiful pregnant woman! She looks like a madonna! And I love the popsicle juice running down Dane's tummy! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Nana said...

Oh yeah... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Matthew, my favorite son-in-law! You need to ditch Target and start your own photography studio!

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