Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Last of the 3 Musketeers!!!

So tomorrow Dane will become a big brother. We've been asking him if he would rather have a little sister or little brother and he always responds with whichever we say last. We are really excited for him to meet his new sibling. Here are a some photos from the past couple weeks.

We love, as all parents do, to peek in on Dane while sleeping at night. Here are two such times when a camera was truly needed to capture the moment. Must have learned this move from Grandpa.

Just look at those lips.

This was on our way to dinner for my birthday.

You all know that Dane loves his CD player. His purple one broke, so we gave him another old one to play with. He loves to watch the CDs spin and since the top of this one is not see-thru, he has perfected the art of opening the lid just enough so that he can see the CD while it continues to spin.

My mom retired in May 15th and we threw a surprise retirement party for her. She had no idea. Below is some documentation of the party.

Dane saw Cruz playing on the swing set, so he gave it a try after Cruz was done...Cruz thought it was be great for both of them to swing at the same time. Dane didn't like it so much.

The boys did enjoy the slide. Cruz is a daredevil on this thing. Absolutely no fear in this little one.

My nephew and Godson, Simon, he had just woken up from his nap and was in a very pensive mood. Just observing everyone around him and playing in the grass.

This is Summer, my (Matt's) Cousin. She is just adorable and has the sweetest demeanor.

Documenting Shelly's beautiful pregnancy.

Finally, here are some pictures we got tonight of Dane and Mommy. There is a special bond between a mom and her son. I'm not sure Dane really understands what is about to happen tomorrow. I bet he knows more than we give him credit for.

He loves playing with his cars before bedtime.

Dane, tomorrow we will be expanding our family. We know the future difficult for you at times and our attention will now have to split between you and your younger sibling. But we want you to know that you will always be our most favorite, oldest child. You have grown into such a young sweet boy and we know you'll be a fantastic big brother. We love you dearly and you will always hold a most special place in our hearts.

Mom & Dad


Hans-Dieter said...

Shelly and Matt... I wish you the best for tomorrow and know that Deuce will be equally as amazing as Dane. The four of you truly have a special place in my heart.

boo and stacy arnold said...

I have goose bumps after reading this! Such sweet pics of Dane and Shel and the belly. We are very excited to hear about the new arrival:) Praying for an easy C-section.

Blessings to tomorrows newest family of 4!

Cathy Bolander said...

Keeping you in my prayers tomorrow. I can't wait to find out how smoothly everything went. Dane is a very lucky boy to have you guys as parents. I LOVE the pictures of Dane with your belly. Good Luck!

Tootle Family said...

CRYING! So sweet. Shelly, your belly is the CUTEST...even this far along! Congrats to you guys on the new addition!!! Can't wait to hear boy or girl!!!

Nana said...

Love the pic of Dane kissing Shelly's pregnant belly! I'm anxious to see the photos of Dane meeting Erik for the first time! Love you all!

pinecone_ron said...

been thinking of you all day!! love those last pics!

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