Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday!!!

Dane has been taking swimming lessons on Saturday mornings. He isn't really learning how to swim per se, but the kids play fun games to get more comfortable and accustomed to the water. Given how much Dane likes his bath time, we thought it would be a no brainer. Although, he wasn't too big of a fan at first, recently, he has really started enjoying it. I love it too because it's time that we get to play together.

Here's Dane swimming to his friend Jack. They are also in ECFE classes together.

Dane loves "Huddy Duddy" or "Humpty Dumpty" for everyone else. He goes totally under the water and comes up well. I know it looks as thought I'm torturing him here, but I'm not...really...no seriously...he likes it!

Here all the kids are playing "Ring around the Rosie." At the end, they all fall into the water.

Dane be nimble, Dane be quick, Dane jump into the water and try not swallow too much after jumping over the candlestick!

Nothing like a good morning swim. kick, kick, kick!!!

Our neighbors have a little girl, Madison, who is 6 months older than Dane. They've been playing well together the last couple months. After a recent snowfall, they tried to build a snowman and started their training for the 2030 Winter Olympics' 2-person coed bobsled event!

Not so sure Dane liked being the front man on this one, but Madison seemed to love it.

I've been trying to learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom. Here is an altered shot of Shelly's Valentine's Day Flowers.

At night when Dane gets his burst of energy, he will frequently dive into this cowboy chair. No Fear! I suspect we'll have to watch him around the shallow end of the pool when he gets a little older.

We had some descent weather a week ago and we went for a little family walk. We were able to raise Dane's "Mud Flaps" on his hat and he looked like a little Russian Babushka Boy.

Yes of course "Didi" came along...

Dane really surprised us with this one. One day he just started counting. I was putting on his diaper after a bath one night and he started counting by himself. I quickly went down to get the "weo" and here is the result.


Hans-Dieter said...

His little Russian pictures are so cute. Makes me want to take a shot of vodka. ;) And congrats on the counting Dane. I never cared much for 5 and 6 either. It doesnt matter cause you are a perfect 10!! (For all those who read this.. you like what I did there!?!) :-D

Nana said...

He sounds JUST like The Count... especially on 2 and 3! Love it! Little smarty pants. Hugs (((())))

The Townsends said...

It's a little belated but congrats on the expected #2. Chrystal and I are very happy for you all. Spencer has kept us busy this first month, but all is going well.

Nicole Svendsen said...

nice work dane...you are well on your way to the Academy:)

Cathy Bolander said...

I love the photo of him with the blankie & his fingers. Such a cutie.

Tootle Family said...

Whoever is taking pictures....You are my inspiration! haha. No seriously, i cannot get over how great your photography skills are.

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