Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Toddler Talk!!!

Dane is a full 20 months old today and his vocabulary is growing exponentially. In addition to his first words of "mama" and "ball," he uses the words listed below quite a bit. I've tried to list them phonetically along with the true Dane definition.

dada (really quickly) = This actually means dog
Daaa (more drawn out) = Dad
papa = Grandpa Bob or Grandpa Gary
gaga = Shelly's Mom, Grammy, he'll point out her tooth brush in his bathroom
we oh = the flip video camera we use to take quick videos...he loves watching them
dee go = Diego, Dora's friend
door = Dora the Explorer
didi = his blanket
el moe = Elmo
boom boom = Blueberries
Ap oh = Apple
Na nah = Banana and Shelly's Stepmom Jan
Bubble = he actually says this one pretty much right on
Med sin = Medicine - He loves to carry around his infant Tylenol
Boo = Boot
Cah = Car in a perfect Boston accent
Key = Key
Buh Tee = Brush Teeth
Ah Duh = All done

Here are a couple videos that we've taken recently. It can get tricky. The second he sees the "weo" he will stop whatever he is doing and will run towards the camera. As such, we need to be sneaky when trying to get them. Towards the end of this one you can hear him say "Weo."

In this one, we were able to get a couple words before he spotted me with the camera.

One of Dane's favorite books is called "Gigantosarus Colors," given to him from Gina Woods. On the last page, he would point to the colors and we would name them. Now we ask him to point out the colors. He is getting pretty good at it.

Finally, here is a fun picture that we took tonight. When Dane was taking a bath, he slipped off his feet and slid down the side of the tub to where almost his whole head was in the water. It wasn't deep enough to cover his face, but was deep enough so that just his eyes, nose and mouth weren't under water. He paused for a second and then smiled at us. For the next 10 to 15 minutes, he would slide down into the water on his back and then get up. If you look closely, you can see the water line around his face and chest, and the part of his hair that was under the water was flowing.

So that is what we have for this week. Not many pictures but a few good videos.


Nicole Svendsen said...

oh my gosh--that is too funny. He loves the camera so much...maybe he'll be in "The Industry" one day:)

Hans-Dieter said...

Lights... Weo... ACTION!! You guys keep raising the bar for my expectations. Now next week I am going to expect multiple videos too. As always, Dane delivers. I want MOOOOOOOH. (You left "more" off his list.)

Cathy Bolander said...

I can't stop giggling each time he says We-Oh. So cute! I need to getter about taking video & need to figure out how to post them on the blog. I love watching your videos.

Woods Family said...

OK the discovery of the "we-oh" every time is HILARIOUS!!!!! He catches you every time! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! He is amazing with his colors!!!! So happy he likes the book!!

Wendyhooten said...

Ok, I have tears in my eyes from laughing! He is soooooooo adorable and I agree with everyone's comments on how he might be in the movies one day and how he "delivers" and such. And what a smart little dude, too, with his colors! Loves, Loves.

Nana said...

I LOVE the "wee-oh." He does that in every single one! How adorable is that? At least he doesn't stop moving and just stare time you point the camera at him like some kids do!

J.J. Killins said...

that is SO cute. alla still LOVES the camera so good luck getting past that one. um brilliant idea bringing the pool in with balls. awesome.

Katie said...

That's such a good idea to write them all down. I wish I had done that with Kelsea. Well, there's always the second one...(-:

jennywinker said...

Clearly Dane is of above average intelligence! Glad to see the family is doing well. When I say "Buh Tee" I think it means something different :-)

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