Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visit to Decatur - Part Deux

The second half of our trip to Decatur included a fun day on the lake. Here is Dane enjoying his first ride on the wave runner...going very slowly.
He also loved driving the boat with Papa.
And here is a very special picture of Dane's Mugatu hairstyle!
We also threw my dad and stepmom a 20th wedding anniversary party. Check out Jan's priceless expression! What do mean this party is for us???
A sweet smooch for the girls.
The happy couple!!! Congrats on 20 years!!


Nana said...

Oh yeah... it was SO much fun. The party was wonderful, and totally a surprise. Thanks, all of you, so much! My only complaint about the whole vacation thing was everyone's time in Decatur was WAY TOO SHORT!

I PROMISE I'll get our pics up soon... as soon as the play's over, probably! BAD Nana, not keeping up!


P.S. Hey, Hans... Dane said "Nana" on the phone yesterday :) Made this old heart go pitty-pat!

Hans-Dieter said...

I get it... Once he can say "Uncle Hans" my heart will go thumpity thump. ;) Matt and Shelly... Make it happen. Love the hair Dane. Ill ship over a keyboard tie to complete the look.

Hans-Dieter said...

Nana... I forgot to say... CONGRATULATIONS on 20 years!!

Tootle Family said...

Great pictures. Are these the two that were out of the country?

LOVE the Mugatu hair.

Nana said...

Hans - thank you for the good wishes. Romantic story there... Shelly's dad and I were actually high school sweethearts! Wasn't I the lucky one, reuniting with the love of my life, AND gaining two daughters in the bargain!

Hans-Dieter said...

...And a son!! Don't forget about our deal. ;)

Nana said...

How could I forget... now I have TWO sons also ;)

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