Monday, September 3, 2007

Hans from Universal

Hans came to visit us over Labor Day weekend! We tried to get him to stay and become Dane's manny but, despite the tempting offer of living in Minnesota and getting paid nothing, he declined and returned to his luxurious life in Southern California. Sigh.

Hans met the whole fam dam on Labor Day. This picture was taken at Mama & Papa Z's house.

Hans loved the exersaucer almost as much as Dane...okay...maybe a little more.

Hans brought Dane a curious George stuffed animal and Dane LOVED it. Check out that huge smile!

What's shakin' bakin'? Watching tennis on Sunday morning....

Hans, thanks for a great trip!


Nicole Svendsen said...

his smile is so cute1 Don't you just love when they smile at you?

Team Rillos said...

I think he is starting to look more and more like his mommy ; )

boo arnold said...

What fun!! Mattie Sue is into Curious George right now. She screamed 'GEORGE' when the pic of George and Dane and the excersaucer popped up!

Happy Labor Day

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