Sunday, August 26, 2007


So I'm walking through the mall on Thursday, and I look down at Dane in his stroller (still in his car seat stroller because it was raining, and I didn't feel like transferring him from his car seat to the big boy stroller....). Anyway, I was looking at Dane in his stroller when he smiled and presented two little white dots on his bottom gum! No ridges, but little white dots nonetheless. By the time Saturday morning rolled around, one of the little dots had ridges! So exciting. His first tooth. It's good to know all the chewing and drooling actually worked to produce something :-) I'll post a picture of the tooth as soon as I can get one! Here are some other pictures from the last couple weeks.

Some fat rolls...doesn't he look like he should be sitting in a steam room with a bunch of old men?

Matt trying to get some finger sucking action.

Dane's first play date with Will and Caden. He had so much fun that he forgot to nap....not good for the ride home!

Cruz sporting the latest in eye patch fashion. What a trooper!


Nicole Svendsen said...

shelly-teeth already? I didn't know it could happen so!! He is just so cute! I love his fat rolls and the way he sucks his two fingers!

Tootle Family said...

SHELLY!!! My kid has one dot! It's a white dot and I was mistaking it for curdled milk. He's been sucking and sucking those fingers, and slobbering everywhere. I keep forgetting to snap a shot of him sucking his thumb, pointer, and tall man. I'll post the pic soon, and dedicate it to Dane! Jessica

boo arnold said...

ohhh he is just so precious....and teeth!! yea! solid food to follow! and cruz looks like a pirate;) what fun that they are so close in age. that by's you some sibling time!!

Tootle Family said...

False alarm on the "white dot". It must have been curdled milk. Next morning, it was gone. Guess i just have a slobbery, fingerlickin', kiddo. Dane, way to get those chompers in! jessica

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