Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picture Crazy

Such a ham in his cowboy chair...someday this will be his favorite place to sit and read books.

Dane LOVES his bouncer. His toys are very important...he takes them very seriously.

Such a sweet face...wonder what he was thinking?

Matt likes to give Dane naked time after his baths...apparently Dane loves it too!
Pictures have been censored to protect Dane's innocence.

Dane was watching the Today Show....he was on pins and needles waiting to see if Congress would pass the Immigration Bill. He's very advanced...

...but his attention span is pretty short :-)


boo arnold said...

he is just too precious. i want to meet him. we need a get together playdate with alllllllll the kiddos soon! dane has lots of little girls to chose from:) stace

Woods Family said...

Hey Guys,

Love the pictures! Especially the mohawk for fathers day. Thanks for all of your posts. We miss you guys!
P-Daddy, G & Jackaroo

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