Monday, June 25, 2007

Family, Friends, Fun

The past week was full of fun people and activities! Here are some of the highlights:

Matt's mom offered to babysit so we could go on a date. D loved the time with Grandma, and we had a great dinner at CPK and laughed out loud watching Knocked Up. Thanks Mama Z!

Aunt Kristin and Uncle Joe babysat Dane while we attended Danielle & Adam's wedding. Thanks Krissy & Joe! We didn't get any pictures of D with his Aunt & Uncle, but here are some from the beautiful wedding.

Our friends, Jenn & Ryan, came over last weekend. Their adorable daughter, Mia, entertained Dane while he ate his dinner. Then she posed for a photo op in a flood of light.

Dane has been eating his hands and drooling for the past couple weeks. But this is his new favorite.

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