Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break

We wanted to get out of dodge for Spring Break, so we hopped in our minivan and drove ~16 hours to Denver!

We have lots of friends out there from our Air Force & LA days.  
We got together for brunch the day after we arrived.
Here's the lots & lots of kiddos!!!

We then proceeded to get really sick and puke all over our friend's brand new house.  
Yep, for 4 days, we were infested with a stomach virus.  
I'll spare you the details, but we were in rough condition. 
It made our trip quite memorable, to say the least :).

We did manage to get healthy and have a little fun.  
We sledded, watched movies, went hot tubbing, played at the park, dyed Easter eggs, bounced around an indoor trampoline gym, drove 4-wheelers, zip lined, shopped a little and enjoyed the beautiful 60 degree weather.

The kids loved dying eggs out in the sunshine!

Dane couldn't stand the bright sun, so he wore my old sunglasses.  Lookin' good, buddy :)

Our egg dye kit came with little Iron Man masks for the eggs.  
Marketing at its best :).

Someone taught Erik do do this.

Erik also did this.
Yep, he went on the zip line!!
He asked to do it.  We thought for sure he would get in the harness and then ask to get down.  
But he LOVED it!!!!  He surprised us all!!!

We got the old crew together one more time before leaving.
We were hoping Lindsay would have her such luck :(

Here are all our kids (plus one friend).  Only 2 girls in the bunch!

Tripp loved playing with Josh and his Iron Men.  
And he loved wearing sunglasses.  He wouldn't take them off!

Here is Tripp flying his Iron Man.  He also makes flying noises with his mouth. 
 It's absolutely precious.

And here are a couple cute shots of the Rillos boys.  
I think I see modeling in their future :).

All in all, we had a great time!!  
But we could have done without the stomach bug :)


Brillos said...

Great pictures!! Thanks so much for coming to visit. We enjoyed it. Next time we will come your way. Missing you all already!

Ali Anders said...

oh that Colorado sun!!! so fun that you all got together...and there are so many kiddos!! love it :)
erik wins the prize for most hilarious photo...Jace even laughed out loud. hope you've all made a full recovery!

also, do you feel as bad for that dude's daughter as I do?

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