Monday, April 8, 2013

Life Lately

Hi there!

I recently went through some old iPhone pics, and I found some pretty fun memories.  
iPhones really do capture life.  The quick moments that aren't staged.  
And those are sometimes the best moments, no?

Kristin, Simon and Adele popped over for a quick visit and we did some kid yoga.  Boys in their undies, of course :).

I've been doing a lot of bible study lately.  Learning a lot.  
But, if I'm completely honest, I'm ready for a nice long Summer break!

Tripp wants to do everything his older brothers do.  Even if it's just snuggling under a favorite blanket.  
After Tripp saw Dane like this, he went up to his room, got his blanket out of his crib, and then came downstairs and laid next to Dane just like this.  Adorable.

Erik went to the dentist for the second time.  And it went much better the second time around!!
All smiles.  And so excited for the prize drawer.  

Lucky Dane got to attend the State Hockey Tournament to cheer on cousin Robbie.  
He got to stay up til 11:30pm on a school night.  (Not our best parenting moment.)
But he had fun hanging with his older cousins (like Miss "gold tights" Maddie :)!  
And doesn't he look old here???

Cousin Cruz came over for a sleepover (our first one!), and Matt made his famous pretzels.  
They were delish!

Erik has been getting crazy bedhead lately.  He woke up like this one day.  Ha!

Cruz and Erik cheered on Dane during a hockey game.  Both of these kids have encouraging hearts, so it was fun watching them get excited for Dane.  

Dane received several new Iron Man toys for his birthday.  And he sleeps with each of them...every night.  Ha!

While shopping with dad at Target!!

While shopping with Rillos at Costco :).

During our road trip home from CO, we stopped at a truck stop and Erik said he needed to go #2.  So we threw on a diaper (yes, he still wears a diaper for's an issue) and tried to get him to sit on the potty.  But he refused.  And refused.  We finally gave up and let him poop on his own.  So....he chose to do the deed crouched on a rock right in front of the truck stop entrance.  Yep.  That's him pushing it out.  Right on display for everyone to see.  
Luckily, only a couple people went in and out while he was there!

Finally, the truck stop lacked a changing table, so we had to improvise and change the boys on the floor of the van.  While getting ready to change Tripp, I saw him reach under the front seat, grab something, and then start eating it.  I did a double take because I thought it was probably something disgusting.  But it turned out to be a doughnut hold from our morning breakfast.   Still pretty gross.  But it could have been much worse!!!

So that's been our life lately!! 
 Crazy and chaotic.  
But full of fun and lots of love.
Thanks for reading!!!


Missy and Michael said...

Love this post, Shell! So many classics - especially Erik's truck stop adventure and Tripp's donut hole find! Life with your boys is exciting and rich with fun memories. You're an awesome mama!

Ali Anders said...

i love this post! so random but you're right, nothing captures life like the iPhone photo roll :)

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