Monday, February 4, 2013

Plymouth Fire & Ice Festival

This is Dane's second year of playing Wayzata hockey.  And, to put it lightly, it has been an experience for all of us!!  
His team is made up of 5 & 6 year olds, and they practice every Saturday and every Sunday.  
The ice times vary, so practice could be as early as 7:30am or as late as 5:00pm.  
There's also an optional outdoor practice on Monday nights from 7-8pm.  
That's a lot of hockey for these young guys!!!

For the most part, Dane has liked it.  
He goes willingly.  He puts on all the gear.  He skates fast.  And he sort of plays in the scrimmages.  On Saturday, Dane's team was invited to play two-15 minute games at the Plymouth Fire & Ice Festival.  Yay!  
The games took place after their normal 60 minute practice.  Boo!  AND it was 8 degrees outside.  Double Boo!!

Matt took Dane down to the lake for the first game, and then Erik, Tripp and I met them for the second game.  

This is the face we saw when we arrived...

He was tired and freezing.  His feet were wet and he wanted to "go to the warming house and sit by the fire."  
(There was a fake fireplace in the warming house :).
But instead, he was instructed to buck up and get in the game!!!
Which he unwillingly did :).

Aren't these little guys (and girl!) just adorable?
It was so fun watching them play.  Even in 8 degree weather.  
I can't believe I just wrote that!  I am turning into a Minnesotan after all!

Of course I wanted to get a picture with the lil hockey player!

Erik, not so much.
He just wanted to wander around in the background and cry :).
He did a really good job of it too...people were staring.  

This is a complete side note, but my biceps were killin' me after carrying Tripp around the entire time.  More experienced parents had strollers and sleds (fun!) on the ice.  And for that matter, kids that were willing to sit in strollers and sleds.  Not sure if that would have happened with the state my kiddos were in.  Let's just say Erik & Tripp would have rather stayed home wearing two less layers of clothing. But it was a fun experience.  I hope we get to do it again next year!


Mel said...

Oh my gosh that is a tough schedule for such little guys. Hello hockey! I better get ready for this, haha!

Oh love the pictures of him skating...classic and priceless!!

Gina Woods said...

OK you are so gorgeous I can't DEAL! and these hockey pictures are soooo cool! It's like a foreign country for me!! How amazing for Dane! What a fun life these boys have!!

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