Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall Festivities {Part 3}

So this is Part 3 of my i' Fall catch up!!!  
We had a great Thanksgiving!  There were some rough patches (family stuff), but overall we had fun and got to spend some quality time together - my favorite!

My sister, Leslie, sister-in-law, Kelly, and brother-in-law, Josh, all ran in the Minneapolis Thanksgiving Day 5K.  
The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it was the best way to start off Thanksgiving.  

Check out the sun rising over the starting line.  Beautiful!

Leslie and I - excited to exercise prior to stuffing our faces :-)

Me, Josh, Kelly & Leslie all ready to race!

After our race, we met up with Matt & the boys for a kids' fun run.  We arrived right as Erik's heat took off.  Erik was super nervous to run by himself, so Matt tagged along.  This was the best picture I could get on my iPhone.  I just love how Erik is holding onto Matt's arm.  It was so precious seeing him holding on for dear life.  Scared but still trying his best!

And here's Dane all ready for his race.  He looks a little lost among all the kids!

He loved running fast!

But his favorite part was the medal :-)

After our "races" we came home and got cleaned up for Thanksgiving at Josh & Kelly's house.  
The boys wrestled and ate treats while we got ready :-)

We snapped a few shots of my family before leaving.  I just love Tripp's "cheese" face.  Not bad for a tripod!

And...our favorite picture!

Lots of cooks in the kitchen!

My beautiful mother eyeing our tasty meal.  YUM!

Dane & Cruz...cousins and best friends cheesing out for the camera!!

Well, that's it.  We had a great holiday and hope you did too!!!!  

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