Monday, October 29, 2012


My sister and her ADORABLE baby boy visited this month, and we all had a blast.  The boys got to love on their cousin.  And Matt & I got to babysit!  It was so fun having a little-er guy in our house again.  The best part...he fell asleep in my arms and stayed there for over an hour.  I know!  It was heaven on earth.  
There's nothing better than a sleeping baby cuddled up in your arms.

But this post is not about sweet baby boys. 
It is about crazy baby boys.  In particular, our little Tripp :-)

Lately, he is the biggest bundle of energy.  It's like a switch went off in him.  He runs laps in our living room, does full on somersaults and literally jumps on anything in his way - toys, furniture, people.  It's nuts! 

I found these pics on my phone and thought it summed him up pretty well.  
1.  All is calm
2.  Enter Tripp (after climbing up and over the side of the couch)
3. A split second rest before doing it all over again!

He's part monkey, part bull and part wiggle worm all at the same time.  
So his current nick-name is Animal.  Seems to fit :-)

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Ashley said...

Haha love this! Thanks for babysitting!!

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