Monday, September 3, 2012


Someone lost his first tooth!!!  

That someone was very excited (and just a little scared).  
He wiggled his tooth A LOT and asked "Is it still there?" a gazillion times.
  We discussed a certain fairy.  

Would she come?  
Does she know where we live?
How would she get into our house?
What would she bring?
Would she take the tooth forever?  

Then suddenly, at dinner time, IT WAS OUT!  There was some blood.  And some tears.  
But lots of reassurance and hugs and high fives.  

And then...there was one itty bitty tooth fairy who arrived and made our little boy's experience quite memorable.  

So excited for you Big D!  

1 comment:

Missy and Michael said...

Way to go, Dane!! Oh my goodness - what a thrill to lose your first tooth. And right before Kindergarten no less! So much excitement these days. We're very happy for you! I hope the tooth fairy was generous - you deserve it :)

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