Thursday, September 27, 2012

Picture Wall

We have a picture wall at the top of our stairs.  There are 6 wooden frames filled with pics of our family.  I love these frames.  And I love that every time I walk up our stairs, I get to look at my beautiful babies.  However, it had been a while since I'd updated the photos.  And it had become a "thing" in my head.  Instead of enjoying the pictures as I walked past, I would silently kick myself for letting them get so outdated.  In fact, they were beyond outdated.  For instance, Tripp is now 20 months old...the picture I had up was taken when he was 3 months old.  I mean, come on.  

So I finally updated the photos.  

Yay for new (adorable) pictures!  
Oh, and that "thing" in my head is gone...for now :-)

1 comment:

Ali Anders said...

oh my goodness...YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! that's all. so glad that "thing" left your head too...but i think it's now in mine as I look at the pictures in Easton's room...

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