Sunday, August 26, 2012

Illinois {Part 1}

We traveled to Decatur, IL last week to visit Papa & Nana (and Pepper too :-).  We normally do all sorts of lake, boating, jet skiing.  But this time, due to the severe droughts affecting the mid-west, Lake Decatur was too low for the boat and jet skis.  Check it step-mom took this pic when boats were still allowed on the lake.   You can see the dock's wheels sitting on the bottom of the lake.  We normally step right off the dock onto the boat.  

We had never seen the lake so low.  It was nuts!  But because we couldn't do our normal activities, we got to do other things around the city.  

Our first stop was the Children's Museum!  

Erik enjoyed making giant bubbles.  

And playing at the post office.

Tripp liked climbing and sliding with Nana.

And gardening :-).

Dane was enamored with this thing.  He loved making faces and then pushing the pins back into place.

Having fun with Papa.

He also liked riding this bike and watching the skeleton move as he pedaled.

Papa showed Tripp how balls could float.  

He tried to do it himself  (aw, so cute  :-).

Erik loved the trains (no surprise there!).  

Tripp joined Erik at the train table.  With his ball and ice cream cone, of course.

Dane learned that science was cool.  
The boys had a lot of fun!  And so did the parents & grandparents :-).  Part 2 coming soon!

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Nana said...

I can't believe it's only been a month since your visit. It seems like it was forever ago! We had so much fun, and miss you so much! I wish we all lived a lot closer, so we could share your time more often! Loves...

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