Monday, June 25, 2012


Summer with 3 boys is a bit intimidating.  

I feel like we have to be busy and expending energy and loving every minute of it.  Because, let's face it, childhood summers are the best.  And there are only so many of them.  

And I sort of think summers with boys should be all about spending the afternoons on a lake hanging from a rope swing.  I know that's idealistic, but ever since having boys there's a part of me that wished we lived out in the country with a lake in our backyard.  But we don't.  And we won't be moving anytime soon.  

So....instead of rope swings and explorations in the country, we've just been spending a lot of time outside....on bikes, at the t-ball field, digging in the dirt and so forth.  And, even though I know they're missing out on the rope swing, they don't :-).  

An impromptu afternoon swim.

Tackling the toughest 4-wheeler obstacle course in the neighborhood.

This kid loves his dump truck.  

Tripp + ball = smile
What's cuter...the criss-crossed Converse or the itty bitty frog??


Mel said...

Love this post! Your boys are adorable! Gotta love summer!!

Missy and Michael said...

So much fun! I love this post too. And I totally agree with you about the rope swing... someday :) You guys are totally soaking in the summer which is what it's all about. Great photos of your awesome kiddos!

Woods Family said...

OMG the SHOES and the FROG and TRIPP!!~!!!! He is SOOO stinkin PRECIOUS I cannot deal! I fell off the blog world but I am BACK!!!! AND you are SOOOOOOO ON IT!!!!! What is this what I wore wednesday - I am fascinated - I m going back and continuing more reading....

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